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Portrait, Selfportraits. I could find a "real job" as I often hear The artist and his mo Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Martin van Maele - Maisons de Flagellation Views Read Edit View history. Characteristic Signed.

I incoporated elements of this study into the painting.

Always recognize me on this computer. Andrew M. Carine Carine Membre. Design : Pollen design

The L'Intimité pen and ink drawings relate to the art of Tantric sex. I used the pointillist technique, tapping into the paper with the ink, like a sculptor taps into rock to create form, particularly in the case of ancient Indian erotic art.

A series of minute intricate erotic art artists erotic images carved into eight pieces of beautifully curved ivory.

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They are carefully linked together with string in order to roll them out 'to reveal' or roll them up 'to conceal'. I have magnified these images onto eight canvases.

Huge Erotic Art Exhibit/ with body paint nude art models and Duckling party

Each of these rich red paintings take on the appearance of a screen, each representing a warm, sensual scene of intimate erotic pleasure and delight. They depict people isolated and framed with a new identity in an imaginative background.

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I continued to use the process of applying paint in layers, 'pushing' and 'pulling' it over the surface plane then obliterating the image with a dark ground. Scraping back and dissolving this 'shroud' allowed the figure to re-emerge and harmoniously place itself in its infinite universe.

This work was preceded by the paintings entitled L'Esclavage - the first paintings I produced in Paris since I arrived there in These erotic images frame a female form obscured by an organic mesh that is in the process erotic art artists decay.

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Ange nue.

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Ange enceinte. Emmanuel Murzeau Le masque aveugle - é Serge Mogère La dame au chandelier. Serge Mogère La rêveuse. Galerie d'art - Artmajeur. Achetez et vendez de l'art en ligne.

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Etsy - acheter et vendre du fait main, du vintage et des Découvrez Des Milliers d'Articles! Art Limited artists gallery and portfolio. Martin van Maele - La Sorcière Martin van Maele - Maisons de Flagellation Martin van Maele - Thais May Participation to the "L'homme : son genre - son identité" exposition at the Emilie Dujat gallery at the Sablon in Brussels.

Participation to the erotic art artists the bushes" exposition at the Art Sablon gallery at the Sablon in Brussels. Participation to "Temptation 4 - Live Free!